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  • Juan Esteban Cabrera

  • Gina Alexandra Loaiza C.

    Graduate student 2015


    Studying English has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, because English opened me great job opportunities. My experience at the BNC Colombo Americano - Armenia was very rewarding, teachers are very well trained and they are interested in learning of each student. I am very grateful for the support received by the Colombo’s directors and the teachers. They have high quality human and commitment to the personal development of us.

    I recommend learning English as a key to personal and professional growth and I recommend the BNC Colombo Americano as the ideal place to learn it.

  • Jarol Stiven Hincapie C.

    Access Lite student

    An English microscholarship sponsored by the U.S. embassy

    I could studied English thanks to the scholarship that the US Embassy and the BNC Colombo Americano Armenia gave to 60 students from various municipalities known as Access Lite Program. This program with a focus on the leadership was a wonderful opportunity not only to learn English; but also to meet many good people. I also developed a project, which is now an important part of my life. I have to admit that, at the beginning, I didn’t like the idea of learning English so much. I was not interested, but as time went by, that changed, because by sharing with different people, nice guys, nice teachers, we can learn easily. I could really enjoy it. Now, I like English. I met special people; some of them are now part of my friends. The teachers are so fun. We laughed and enjoyed a lot together, and learned of course.

  • Andrés Mauricio Sinisterra B.

    Access Lite student

    An English microscholarship sponsored by the U.S. embassy

    English has become something special for me. I knew that it was the international language, but now it gives me a wide range of opportunities. My grades at school got better.  I am a step ahead at Sena because I already know English and my work opportunities have improved. Besides, I can participate in study programs, including education abroad and even apply for scholarships at U.S. universities. For those and more reasons, I enjoy learning English.

  • Andrea Goméz E.

    Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry Sept. 2010

    University of Massachusetts, MA-USA

    Learning English has become a necessity more than a past-time, so it is not surprising that nowadays, many different places offer people “good deals and short programs” to learn English. Although, choosing a place that forms you properly in English as a second language (ESL) is an important first step in the learning process, for this reason you have to research into the institution reputation, reliability and stability in the market. These characteristics made me pick and choose the English educational program offered at the BNC Colombo Americano-Armenia. When I started I had a specific goal in mind, preparing myself to present the required ESL exams that would let me engage graduate education abroad Colombia. First, I enrolled in the regular 12 English level program, when I finished I continued with the individual TOEFL preparation offer by the institution. It was really helpful and useful. The course covers all the areas that will be evaluated; from writing to listening, we used simulated exams and went over every question making sure I understood each mistake or important issues in the test. I would say without any doubt that the EducationUSA Office at the BNC Armenia is among the best, there I not only found all the information, support, guidance and advices but also I got a really good friend. This department offers information from the top to the bottom about the education abroad process i.e. choosing schools, programs, places to live, finding financial aid, helping filling up the school application forms and so on. I will say without any doubt that I make the right decision when I choose the BNC Armenia and I also want to encourage everyone to use all the services and opportunities that this place has to offer you!!


El BNC Colombo Americano Armenia es uno de los nueve centros binacionales existentes en Colombia cuya misión es realizar enlace cultural entre dos países hermanos, Colombia y los Estados Unidos.    El centro fue fundado el 5 de Enero de 1984 mediante resolución OJ.. [+] LEER MÁS
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